Wakayama University,
Faculty of Systems Engineering,
Dept. of Opto-Mechatronics,
Photomechanics Lab.
930, Sakaedani, Wakayama
640-8510, Japan
gWhole-Space Photomechanics Projecth Establish Plan
Wakayama University has several seeds of "whole-space photomechanics".
  • Whole-space tabulation method
  • Sampling moire method
  • Digital holography
These methods are useful for practical uses in industrial fields.
Our seeds
Whole-Space Photomechanics
Development of new high speed and super-precision measurement of 3D space (whole-space), including internal and external object.
Applications of whole-space photomechanics
  • Disaster prevention, application to the formation of long-life infrastructures.
  • Application to inspection of industrial products.
  • Human body measurements applied to such as medical treatment, welfare and apparel, etc.
Matching fund with
JST establishes a new fund in this year.
  • This is a mating fund with regional organizations such as a regional government and companies.
  • Maximum amount of the fund is 4,400,000 USD/year.
  • The period is 5 years.
The purposes of the fund are ...
  • New technologies on the province university are developed exceptionally.
  • The regional industries are developed with using the outcomes of the new technologies.
JST's requests
Collaboration with a regional government and companies is important.
  • The fund is a matching fund with the regional organizations.
Special researcher team should be organized for developing the seeds.
  • The team is formed by invitation of distinguished researchers from other universities, institutes and companies in the world.
The outcome should be distributed to the industrial fields.
Investigation of possibility of our plan
We get a fund to investigate the possibility of our plan, gWhole-Space Photomechanics Projecth.
  • 30 projects were selected in whole Japan.
  • Amount: 30,000 USD
  • Period: from December 2008 to February 2009

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